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Perfect Planning LLC was founded in 2007 by Rochelle Kerchner and Cathy Mejia. With their combined talents and experience, they serve clients in Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Levy and Marion counties. Cathy and Rochelle have their own particular areas of expertise which enable their partnership to provide the high level of service that has been the benchmark of their success (see Testimonials).

Our mission is to assist individuals with their retirement planning process so that their health insurance selection, the effective management of their assets and the evaluation of their life insurance needs and long term care requirements effectively create a secure retirement plan.

Rochelle Kerchner ("Ro")
Originally from Long Island, New York, Ro has lived in Citrus County since 2005. Ro has several degrees, including a Masters degree in Health Care Administration. She possesses a thorough understanding of the health care industry and how to work that into your financial decisions. In addition, she holds a Life, Health and Annuities insurance license.

RK@seniordollarsatwork.com  C: 352.228.3381 • F:352.746.6248 • Toll Free: 866.294.993

Cathy Mejia
Originally from Long Island, New York, Cathy has lived in Citrus County since 2004.  Cathy has extensive experience in sales, marketing and publishing in diverse industries. Her primary career focus has been in delivering comprehensive information to her clients enabling them to make knowledgeable decisions about cost effective ways to achieve their goals.

CM@seniordollarsatwork.com   C: 352.586.0285 • F:352.726.7876 • Toll Free: 866.690.7448



Ro was highly recommended by good friends of mine. The convenience of Ro coming to my home made scheduling so much easier. Once we met, I knew that my "issues" would be resolved. Ro is a wealth of information. She explains things in a way that you can really understand. And, she has the patience of a saint! As a team, Ro and Cathy are like the dynamic duo. The service has been incredible.

S. Chancey
Citrus Hills, Florida

When we got married 8 years ago, Ro and Cathy helped us by consolidating our investments and insurances. When it is time to reallocate our investments we always look to them for guidance. They also were a big help with our Medicare insurance in finding an advantage plan that works for us. Thank you both.

Wilburn & Marlene Carpenter
Homosassa, Florida

When my husbands medicare plan was dropped I was so happy to have Rochelle Kirchner come to our home to help with all the options. She went over the different options and we found a new medicare plan for my husband.
When I had to sign up for Medicare I called her and she came again to our home to help me with my options. I was overwhelmed with the different choices and was worried about making the wrong choice. It helped me feel comfortable talking with someone who had knowledge of all the programs.
I told my sister and some friends about Rochelle and they called her also. We were all grateful for her help.

Thanks Rochelle,
Peggy Casimer

While growing up most of us have a Doctor we can refer to. As we get older we may be in need of several Doctors or Specialists. You may reach a point where you need assistance in finding the proper Doctors and a reliable Health Insurance plan. That is when you need someone to lead you in the right direction.
I have such a person. Rochelle Kerchner is that person. For years I was included in my wife's plan. Since we both retired and moved to Summerfield, Florida I needed someone to suggest/direct me. Ro has been meeting with me every Fall and going over different programs in health insurance. I have made changes per her recommendations while being able to continue with doctors that I have confidence in.
She has both knowledge and information on the plans that are available and I have the confidence in her abilities to accept, after discussing her suggestions. She makes herself available if I have questions pertaining to my current health program as well. I would definitely recommend her to people in need of health insurance.

Adrian Milton

I made an inquiry on the internet for health insurance about 6 years ago. Of course I was bombarded from a lot of agents. I met with a few and wasn't very impressed. Then I met with Cathy Mejia and Ro Kerchner of Perfect Planning LLC. My search was over. I was happy with their knowledge and their expertise. Not only did I have my Health Insurance questions answered but they were able to advise me on some Annuity questions that I had. I was happy to meet with them and I feel that they take care of more than just Health Insurance. They can help with Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Fixed Indexed Annuities and Dental and Travel Insurance. They have helped me through difficult times with all the changes over the years in Health Insurance. I look forward to meeting with Cathy and Ro every year at renewal time.
I am so pleased with their performance, knowledge, expertise and courteous manner that I have recommended them to many of my friends. They are not just Insurance Agents they make you feel so comfortable that you can ask questions and their response and attention is always immediate and courteous. Make them your Agents.

Barbara Pizzo

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